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Golly! It's been weeks!

and I am doing great. I have even shoveled a bit of horse poop this week.

Jezebel came home from horse school last Tuesday. As Miranda unloaded her from the trailer, Sara came galloping up to the gate, ears up and tail high. The reunion was tender and funny at the same time: first Sara gave Jez the all-over sniff test, then she touched noses--and then she flattened her ears and turned around to give Jezebel a "welcome kick" in the butt. The girls are back together.

The next day I watched as they took turns sleeping. Sara had not had much lying-down sleep since Jez went to Miranda's; she had no one to keep watch. Now she is no longer sleep-deprived, and seems much happier. She still bullies Jezebel, of course; that's the dynamic of their little "herd." It's obvious they love each other, in a kind of odd horsey way. Sara is the Queen of the pasture, and Jezebel is the picked-on little sister. Hmmm. Does this echo another sister relationship in my life?

I spent Valentine's Day (Thursday) and Friday subbing for a music teacher friend, and now I know why I don't want a full-time teaching job if I can help it. I came home thoroughly knackered (aaaack! music class after a Valentine party! aaaack!), after having sung and danced all day with a bunch of third and fourth graders. They were good classes, but they plumb wore me out. The two kindergarten classes were the best, though. They held my hands as we sang "Walk to School," and they loved doing the Hokey-Pokey. (Those classes were only 30 minutes, too--just right.) Next week I go to the high school; what a change!

Interestingly, I met up with a woman from the Church-from-Hell at the school: she ran up and gave me this huge hug and asked where I had been. (?) It seems that a good number of people from the church were not told I had resigned; they were allowed to think that I was sick! (Sick and tired, maybe!) I quickly disabused Sandra of that notion, and then got an earful about how unhappy people were with Rev. Bitch. Ha-very-Ha! I love being right.

Now the only horses' asses I have to deal with are the real ones, and I'm loving it. I cook and bake and ride and groom and play with the dogs: heaven on earth. Of course, The Husband has to go off and drive the school bus to keep us in groceries and hay, but he is good-hearted about it. I think he's glad to have a sane woman in the house again.

The weather has turned beautiful, and life is good. Go figure!