Shoveling Horse Poop from the Ivory Tower (iris_fancier) wrote,
Shoveling Horse Poop from the Ivory Tower

Eek! The Biiiirds!

Well, they're really chicks, but there's a flock of 'em on my porch, peeping at the top of their little voices. The poultry order has arrived.

We now have ten new Rio Grande Wild Turkeys to keep Brown Bob happy (which is a good thing because he and White Tom are fighting over Tom's wives). We'll have to see which ones are hens and which go in the freezer.

I also ordered waaaay too many nifty chickens. We have Sultans, Hamburgs, Naked Necks (pretty weird!), Brahmas in three colors, and some Ameraucanas to replace some casualties. Yeah. Way too many. But oh-so-much-fun!

It's neat to go to the Post Office and pick up boxes of little peepers. Instantly I'm everybody's friend, as the other customers flock around me to get a look (pun intended). This morning was no different; the patrons were all women, so we had a nice impromptu kaffee-klatch at the stamp counter.

Himself probably will not be as enthusiastic as I am; poor guy often gets stuck feeding them, and he's the one who makes the trek to buy the grain. He also has to unload the bags and transfer the feed to the bins. Then he has to eat the eggs we don't trade or sell. At least I'm a good egg chef: we had "egg foo young" last night, and duck eggs make excellent cakes.

Goat in the laundry basket. Poultry on the porch. Big Hairy Coward Dogs in the bedroom (they're scared of rainstorms). The only animals that don't live in the house with us are the horses, and if they were smaller, I bet they'd be inside. At least I have only one cat.
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