Shoveling Horse Poop from the Ivory Tower (iris_fancier) wrote,
Shoveling Horse Poop from the Ivory Tower

Cry, Baby, Cry

The last goat kid was born 36 hours ago, and her mother rejected her. I have another bottle baby in the laundry basket, cute as can be and hungry every 3 hours. Every three hours. Through the night. Through the day. Wait just a minute, here: I thought I gave that up 26 years ago! Dang.

There is comfort in the fact that this baby--Suzy--will be weaned and independent in a couple months.

Spot is still getting bottles, but she gulps down 24 ounces and then bounds away to eat alfalfa. Spot's not too keen on Suzy getting fed with her bottles; that also reminds me of the joys of human kids.

The Son was quite happy being breastfed for nearly a year. He reluctantly switched to baby bottles, and when he was two he would come home from day care announcing, "Mama, I need a botto!"

Then when his sister (the Babby) was born, he had a better idea. Coming upon me nursing his baby sister, he asked, "Babby drink milk?"

"Yes," I replied. He tipped his head to the side and gave me his most winning smile.

"Nick-nick drink milk?" "No," I answered, "Nicholas is a big boy now, almost three."

He considered that for a few seconds, then toddled off to find his bottle, whereupon he joined his baby sister and me for some contented sucking. "Mine Mama. Mine botto."

The baby goats make a lot of the same noises, but I miss that distinctive sigh of contentment that human babies give.
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