Shoveling Horse Poop from the Ivory Tower (iris_fancier) wrote,
Shoveling Horse Poop from the Ivory Tower

Happy Birthday to Me

I must be getting OldTimer's Disease, because I forgot it was my birthday until I noticed the date on this update page. I am definitely "une femme d'un certain age," which I shall now decline to reveal to anyone ever again. I had to have another photo taken when I renewed my driver's license, and I get depressed every time I see it. The gray hair isn't too bad, but the extra pounds show up far too clearly.

I received an excellent, if unintended birthday present yesterday. The round pen needed sand to soften the footing, so I had 17 yards of river sand delivered last Friday. Two dump truck loads made a couple of mini-Everests that needed spreading, one shovelful at a time. Himself and I had barely made a dent, and I foresaw weeks of back-breaking labor with shovel, wheelbarrow, and rake, when--lo and behold--the Husband made arrangements with a neighbor and his Bobcat! The sand was nicely spread and smoothed in about two hours at no cost except a cold beer and some "war stories" from the neighbor. I had the horses out this morning, and the sand was lovely. Best birthday present I could have gotten, and it conforms to the rules: give me nothing that I have to eat, dust, or put away.

Sara has trotted and galloped beautifully in the round pen; she obviously had a lot of training at the vet school where she was raised. Jezebel has yet to figure out just what I want (which means that I need to refine my cues), so she bucks and kicks a good bit. I appreciate the 60-foot diameter when she does her bucking bronco imitation. I'd like to saddle Sara and practice with her, but I'd like to keep to a walk and gentle trot; that gallop is darned fast! As a "mature" horsewoman, I need to go pretty slowly. (Substitute "scaredy-cat" for "mature"!)

So, now that I'm no longer hauling sand, I need to get back on the stationery bike to try to dislodge the excess avoirdupois. (Being overweight is so much more elegant in French.) After the crisis of the new driver's license photo, I managed to shed about ten pounds, but I have many more to go before I feel like me again. I like playing Talking Head's "I'm on the Road to Nowhere" when I cycle--helps me not die of boredom when I exercise. Watching old videos helps, too: I pedal faster during battle scenes and alien attacks.

So here's a paean to my own virtue: no birthday cake, just low-fat frozen yogurt.
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