Shoveling Horse Poop from the Ivory Tower (iris_fancier) wrote,
Shoveling Horse Poop from the Ivory Tower

100 Words #10

On painting the Love Grotto:

The hideous brick-orangey-red molding is now snow white; two of the three walls are soft green (yeah, kind of minty, but not chi-chi, you know?

In the process of cleaning and dusting and dusting and cleaning and dusting (see #5), the room has been stripped of a lot of clutter, which is always good. I walk through the door, and I am startled by just how nice it looks. Seven years in a construction zone can dull your senses, so the god-awfulness just doesn't register anymore. This eye-refreshing "do" now makes me impatient to do more, to finish a room and move on to the next. Himself supports me in principle, but he has the colder, saner view of the Primary Worker, so I do not get carried away.

Our little farmhouse has always had possibilities. We can't make more space, but we are definitely dressing up the space we have. Come on up and see us sometime!

Tags: 100 words, farm

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