Sleeping Beauty at the Vortex and Other Stuff

Great show! Go see it many times!!

My daughter was the Spinner, and, as always, totally fabulous. This time the material deserved her.

Granddaughter-to-be continues to grow and her Mommy is gorgeous right now. In a few weeks she'll be too full to "glow" much anymore, but by then the countdown will have begun.

Life on the farm is beautiful: roses, new garden, goat babies, green.

Himself and I are still frisky after 38-count'em-38 years of wedded bliss. (must not embarrass the children...)

Things are coming together, slowly but surely. Boxes are disappearing, contents are finding permanent places, and the dust is finally manageable. (Having to vacuum every other day is a drag, but I'm breathing better.)

I even had time to seed some bedding plants. Now that water is again falling from the sky periodically, I have hopes of a fall garden.

Next up? the Big Slaughter. Too many turkeys are eating their heads off, and the young males--The Gang of Five--have taken to tormenting the ducklings and chicks. Those bad boys must die. Soon.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I have been cleaning house--seriously cleaning house--for the past week. I've vacuumed and dusted and scrubbed and sorted and packed and (YES!) tossed out junk. While Himself is stapling and cursing out on the porch with the lovely new white ceiling tiles, I am dealing with the kitchen and the Love Grotto. I am merciless! And, quelle surprise, my sinuses are very happy. I still have two cut crystal bowls that do not have a home (of course, there is always something that has to stay out and catch dust), but there are empty flat surfaces all over the place. Yippee!

Now if I could just figure out how to handle the sixteen doggie feet that drag in most of the dirt...

More Walls--Yay

These walls are inside my house, so they are good to have. Last year's wall project happened in the Love Grotto; this year it's the funky wall of the porch. Himself has sweated off a few pounds and made some pretty wild angle calculations getting the north wall jigsaw puzzle together: kudos to The Husband and Carpenter. Pictures to come.

Elvis Is Still the King

Wow! Good old Elvis the Billy Goat brought $90 at auction, followed by a measly $75 for Scout. Must have been the busted horns. Anyway, the load of bucks and does brought in more than we expected (minus the transport fee, the processing fee, the auction fee, etc.), and already the feed bill has dropped considerably.

We'll take the remaining kids to auction after fattening them a bit more, and then see if we can get the grass to grow in the pen.

My baby Spot is now getting an occasional bottle of water, despite having been weaned for several weeks--she just loves to suck!

Elvis Has Left the Building

--the pen, actually. Our big Boer buck jumped into the trailer and was hauled off to the auction, the first step in going out of the goat business. He'll go to breed beautiful babies for someone else.

The price of feed is up, the price of goat meat is down, and the experiment is over. We're keeping Spot, LittleBit, and Turvey as pets and live lawn mowers; Scout and the remaining moms and kids go tomorrow.

It was fun while it lasted.

You never write, you never call...

So, what's new with you?

1. Lots of little chicks are now bigger chicks, hanging out together under the rose bushes. The ducklings are beyond cute. More about them later.
2. The weather's hot, and the herbs are even thirsty. No news there.
3. Himself is done driving the school bus for a while, and I get to drive him crazy with household jobs.
4. Daughter #1 and Son both came to visit me bearing gifts. They both got to chop vegetables for caponata. That's generational karma.
5. The ducklings (see #1). Cute little buggers. I watched as they waddled in single file behind their parents, six little yellow duckies, all in a row. I did not watch where I was walking:

omigod omigod omigod omigod damn damn damn damn DAMN

Sprained my ankle (again!). Went to the ER, got strapped into the latest velcro cast thingy, and went home to take pills and lie around with my foot in the air. It's three full weeks now, and I'm off the crutches and the cane and the big heavy cast thingy; still have to wear a lace-up ankle brace. I'm even beginning to feel less stupid. Nice pills, too.

Eek! The Biiiirds!

Well, they're really chicks, but there's a flock of 'em on my porch, peeping at the top of their little voices. The poultry order has arrived.

We now have ten new Rio Grande Wild Turkeys to keep Brown Bob happy (which is a good thing because he and White Tom are fighting over Tom's wives). We'll have to see which ones are hens and which go in the freezer.

I also ordered waaaay too many nifty chickens. We have Sultans, Hamburgs, Naked Necks (pretty weird!), Brahmas in three colors, and some Ameraucanas to replace some casualties. Yeah. Way too many. But oh-so-much-fun!

It's neat to go to the Post Office and pick up boxes of little peepers. Instantly I'm everybody's friend, as the other customers flock around me to get a look (pun intended). This morning was no different; the patrons were all women, so we had a nice impromptu kaffee-klatch at the stamp counter.

Himself probably will not be as enthusiastic as I am; poor guy often gets stuck feeding them, and he's the one who makes the trek to buy the grain. He also has to unload the bags and transfer the feed to the bins. Then he has to eat the eggs we don't trade or sell. At least I'm a good egg chef: we had "egg foo young" last night, and duck eggs make excellent cakes.

Goat in the laundry basket. Poultry on the porch. Big Hairy Coward Dogs in the bedroom (they're scared of rainstorms). The only animals that don't live in the house with us are the horses, and if they were smaller, I bet they'd be inside. At least I have only one cat.